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A tool that enables voters to find registration centers and verify their details through web or SMS in order to participate in the electoral process.

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A ‘plug & play’ toolkit that journalists and civic activists can use to find and embed interactive data visualisations sourced from official sources and sorted by geographical region.

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Living Wage

A tool that looks at how much Tanzanian households pay their domestic workers and uses this to determine whether the workers can in return sustain their own households.

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Civic Patterns is a collection of patterns and tools that help Civic Technology projects succeed.

Define Failure

Define what failure looks like at the start of a project.

Correlation Isn't Causation

Correlation doesn't equal causation, so make sure you have further research so you don't lead people astray.

Content Before Engineering

Can you explain a process so that people really understand it well before you build the system to contain the process?

Faster Horses

People, when asked what they want out of a project, will optimize their existing workflow instead of inventing a new one.

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